Entry #4

Geo Wars

2008-10-09 03:49:45 by jack-o-sticks

No-one shall read this, yet i shall still continue. I'm Making a new GeometryWars style game for my IPT major, I shall post it when it is done, which should hope fully be 3-4 weeks, you'll enjoy it, trust me, and if you don't. GTFO!!!!! anyway. I'm 100% sure this is the one that gets me noticed by somebody, as I haven't added anything really since grade 8. I'm now in grade 11. how the time flies, oh well you'll love this I'm sure : )


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2008-11-02 01:16:09

You're not 19.

jack-o-sticks responds:

No shit ...


2009-08-21 19:25:01

GTFO By hand of mercy is a good song look it up lol but its a bit screamo XD